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Explore by Genre
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Be inspired to cook any time, day or night with Cookspiration,
created by Dietitians of Canada. Recipe ideas are served
up to suit your mood and schedule.

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Be Inspired Any Time, Day or Night

Hosting a party? Check out Celebration! Looking for lunch ideas? See Get Prepared! Stuck for time? Look at On-the-Go! Find new ideas each day, all week long. Unleash your culinary creativity with the information and dietitian-approved recipes featured in this app.

Find Ideas To Fit Everyone's Taste

Access a wide array of recipes with photos to fit any palate or appetite. Someone in your household likes it hot? Check out Spice is Nice! Need ideas that are easy on the pocketbook? Find them in Budget Friendly. Have picky kids? Review Kids Choice.

Get Informed with the Facts

Each recipe showcases the nutritional details in the Nutrition Info section.